What Mission I Hope To Reach

 As African Americans, we are the strongest race in existance today. The things we have gone through as slaves and as people who just wanted to be treated equally in a country we were forced in to that glorifies freedom and equality has been conquered in such a unified manner over centuries of time. We are the race that helped to build and mold this country in to most of what it is and what it represents. Others have marched many miles, fought, been beaten half to death and died for our futures to be brighter and more progressive. 
      Being African Americans today, many feel that we have lost ourselves and what we stand for because no one wants to stand TOGETHER. We have grown so prideful and ignorant that all we do now is try to get over on the next black person in competition for status. We have become so full of ourselves that we even sometimes have the nerve to act as if our rights and opinions won’t matter at all and don’t vote or attempt to register to vote. African Americans are already the most stereotyped group of people in America, succumbing to myths of us being lazy, dumb, illiterate, and unaware of anything not pertaining to material things. Our men are usually know to condone violence and father many children that they never take care of. Our women are usually seen as ghetto, loud, or disrespectful and birth many kids out of wedlock. This comes from many comments and opinions over time and it doesn’t pertain to all of us. At most instances, these myths prove to be true because the African American race is doing it to themselves everyday.


     My mission for this magazine would be to better help uplift African Americans of today and expose the POSITIVE acts we perform that go unnoticed. There will be highlights on community service, African American organizations that reach out to our youth, and African Americans that strive to make changes. There are so many of us that truly do take pride in our race and ourselves and help each other instead of bring each other down and thats exactly what I plan to do! There will be sections informing you about companies that are hiring nationwide and tips on interviews and preparations. We need to stay informed, we need to stay educated on the world around us, and we need to help each other the best way we can.


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