Black History Month

      It is now February in the year 2013. Everyone knows that means Valentine’s Day and Black History Month. Dr. Carter G  Woodson founded Black History Month in 1926 after feeling like the history of African Americans was being over looked and misrepresented by many. It started as only being one week in 1926 and took place the second week of the month between Abraham Lincoln and Fredrick Douglas’ birthdays. It finally evolved in to an entire month in 1976. I am so proud that we have a specific time of the year where our pride is much more extravagant in our race and we are able to come together and recognize all of the acheivements we have made over centuries of time. We recognize the beauty and profound intellect that our race has contributed over centuries of time.
     I believe that along the way, people forgot that Black History Month mostly tells us about leaders that tried making a change for us in society and the key word to their struggles, inventions, and accomplishments was EQUALITY. Often times, African Americans are so busy trying to overy glorify our race and throw things that white people have done to us in the past in everyone else’s face. Then try to figure out why people are quick to stereotype us as aggressive and crass. Everyone has their specific reasons or experiences for why they dont like another race, but what happened to trying to reach equality on positive levels? You can not let certain situations or small things define how you feel about an entire race. There really are good hearted and compassionate people out there that want equality for everyone and that doesn’t see color or race when they look at others, they just see a human being. We shouldn’t be so quick to jump down other people’s throats just to prove something. Nor should we stereotype people before getting to know thier lives, their upbringing, and their intentions.
     I don’t think Martin Luther King had a dream for us to act as if we deserve to be greater and feel as if we are better than any other race or person we come upon. He just wanted us to be treated the same as everyone and wanted America to remember and uphold th$e words of The Declaration of Independence stating that “All Men Were Created Equal”. I also think that he wanted the best future for our children and for them to not have to go through the things that he and his people did. So is downing another race because of something they have done to you or your ancestors in the past what you really want them to learn? Is that how you would like them to go about life? We need to work to uplift our children and let them know that they can be black and proud but they also need to see the fact that your race does not and should not always define who we are and what we stand for. They need to know that they can join hands and fellowship with anyone from a different culture and background and still have fun while learning something from them they never knew.
So during this month of February and as we celebrate Black History Month, remember where you came from but do not forget where the reasons for our freedom started from.


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