Black L.O.V.E

     It is true that this is February and it is Black History Month. Let’s not also forget that this is the month for Valentine’s Day, which means the month of LOVE. The time for us to overtly show our mate how much they are appreciated and showing them that by showering them with gifts and extra attention. Many of us show this love and speak it to so easily, but how many of us truely know what it means to love someone? Over the years our people have lost that definition in between selfishness and the temptation of other irrelevant woman that come around them. They have lost it through status and the belief of having to control someone and force love on them.
   Love is something that is not forced nor is it something that can be controlled. Love is present through happiness and care. Love is a choice and when one chooses to love, everything comes together from there. Love shouldn’t be confused with infatuation and obsession and that’s most of what I have been seeing. How can you say you love someone but makes threats to harm them or even take their life if they leave you? How can you even utter the words I Love You but make their life miserable with emotional and sometimes physical abuse? That’s not love and never will be labeled as it.
The perfect definition of it is where love was deprived from…the Bible, 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. If that definition was carried out by everyone then love could be so beautiful. Most of us choose to turn it ugly and turn against it when God is not present in it. People wonder how relationships and love doesn’t survive when He is not active in your life and fail to realize GOD IS LOVE. WITHOUT HIM IT WILL NOT EXIST. Don’t believe that you can love without Him, genuinely celebrate Valentine’s Day without Him, or make someone else or yourself happy without Him present.

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