2013 Furlough in America

I know it has been a while since my last blog for the ideas and concerns of my magazine I’m trying to create. No worries, all is well and I will continue blogging every week from now on because the issues and topics going on at this current time in America are ludicrous. Today my biggest concern that I want to talk about and make sure we are educated on as people is the 2013 Furlough that the nation is in a frenzy about and that even myself, as a federal employee and a member of the military, is going through. I have even included a link of the full news story about it from The Huffington Post.


So what’s being said and done is more than 1 million of us, as federal employees, will possibly have UNPAID time off, due to cost cuts and the furlough won’t take place until around April 1, 2013. Of course this is Congress passing this document for the furlough to take place. I as a soldier, no longer will have tuition assistance for me to receive an education and could possibly face a large decrease in my work hours and pay check. What still amazes and concerns me is how we, as military soldiers, who served time in Iraq are always the first to have our funds cut when we are the defenders of this country and don’t even ask for much in return but those certain benefits and not to be purposely put in harm’s way…so now what are we earning and what are we fighting for? Why doesn’t congress ever get their checks cut for once??
I watch a lot of documentaries and speeches now by Michael Moore, a great film maker that is often criticized for his very outspoken and crass views.on America. He speaks the truth on everything dealing with political deformation, fortune 500 companies, medical insurance, etc and even goes as far as protesting these obvious problems on America no one else will address. He’s sees all the differences in our country and how they handle things and other countries and how they have it so much easier because they are actually concerned and care about their people and the tax dollars they pay. On one documentary he stated that if you really want to know what’s going on with the crooked problems in America and what they’re doing WRONG, then go read a FOREIGN newspaper. He said to read a paper from England or France and you’ll really know what’s going on over here. America will never print all the bad things going on in politics or the white house. They wouldn’t ever try to purposely make themselves look bad and they DON’T want us to know what’s going on. They DON’T want us to be educated to the extent of knowing they pretty much (and pardon my language) are fucked up.
With this furlough going on, It’s so unnecessary that It’s sad. Maybe if they cut the costs to this pointless war they have STILL going on, we would never have to cut the costs on our jobs…but that’s just me. Just stay educated and start saving money because sooner or later, they’ll make it so that everything is monitored, computerized, and to where we will never have to deal with actual people for anything. Your jobs will become…an app. We will be disposable and useless to these people and they won’t even care what you need money for, whether It’s your kids, home, well being, anything. Awareness is our immunity to all of this!!! Are you aware?

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