Beyonce’s NOT SO HOT New Single "Bow Down"

Well I’m sure that everyone has heard their fair share on the topic of Beyonce’s new song “Bow Down” from bloggers and critics all over the country. I just wanted to make my point on it and speak my mind about it all for this weeks blog because It’s obviously the very popular and trending subject. There has been animosity and there has been support from her fans on the song and the singer’s right to release such a song. Keyshia Cole has been attacked for bashing the song on Twitter and had all the little “Bey Hive” colony going crazy and stinging her with insults about her career and how if she put in as much hard work and time in her music as Beyonce has, maybe she would be as successful. She’s been attacking the entire Destiny’s Child crew lately and apparently…fans are heated over it.
(Click the link below for the full story and quotes)
Well here is my opinion on the entire issue…I do not know what the heck Beyonce is smoking on, but if she stays on this path, she’s going to need some serious rehab. I HATE the song honestly. Not because of the song, but because that is NOT her and that has never been her style and I hoped it never would be. This is a woman that has come so far in her career and blessed with so much, is married to one of the most renowned and successful hip hop artists in the country, they just had a daughter, she performed at the Super Bowl in front of millions of fans, and she has dinner with Barack and Michelle Obama and sings at all of their functions like it’s nothing. She never will and never should have to write a supposed “hater anthem” for anyone.
I felt she had more class than this song, more sense than this song, and more creativity than this song. Her actions and her career speaks louder to people then this song ever could, yet you make a song telling b****es to BOW DOWN?? What message is Bey trying to send to her fans and to the world? Is this illuminati thing starting to unfold as being true or something? It’s certainly not a positive one and she’s deciding to degrade women by telling them to bow down to her just because she’s trying to say she’s “been on”? She’s lost ALL of my respect and support for her music.
Where is the Beyonce we all know and love? The one that never cared what anyone said and never felt she had to prove anything to anyone? No one should have to bow down to anyone but God, no matter if you call yourself a so called queen, king, idol, whatever…It’s like you’re telling people to WORSHIP you and that is more than out of line coming from someone who seems so big on religion and was even in the movie The Fighting Temptations singing gospel. Where did you get lost at? I hate to say it, but I think Keyshia kind of had a valid point in what she said about her getting a little too “self righteous”. I still feel Keyshia should fall back a little too with her tweets and the fact that she has a LONG way to go before she’s on Beyonce’s level in her career and can’t criticize anything right now. She has a right to her opinion on it and I share in her opinion because this song is garbage. Point blank period! It’s pointless and she COULDN’T have been thinking when she wrote it and then recorded it. Let’s do better Bey!!


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