Ignorance and Denial

Good morning and Greeting To You All!

Today is February 26, 2015 and I decided to make sure that I blog before I head to my Sociology class at 3 o’ clock and share a little information with you all. I happen to attend Troy University in Downtown Montgomery right now. I decided to take some core classes there, then transfer to a school in Atlanta in the next few months to finish out my music major, which they do not offer. Sociology is my favorite class out of all of the ones I’ve taken so far. I never really understood at first the reason why I had to take it for music, but the more I learn then the more I understand and honestly feel like everyone should take this course before they start their career. It gives many different perspectives on social groups, our social classes, our races and how we are viewed by the government. There have been days light bulbs clicked in my head and other days that I was just really pissed by some of the things that I’m learning and how we are able to succeed or NOT succeed in our chosen careers and why.

We had a social awareness program that we attended this past Tuesday where we discussed civil rights issues, the movie “Selma” and how we could promote more change towards the social issues that we are facing today while eating all the pizza we wanted. We discussed police brutality against blacks, assault against women in the military, and many many more. If there were a prize to be won for which table brought up the most issues, then we have definitely won it! My group project partner was sitting at my table with me when a white man that happened to be at the next table decided to stand up and clearly…speak his mind. He starts off by first claiming that he feels there is no problem with the police. That he’s met officers of many races and they all treat everyone the same. He also claimed that most of the black people killed by police pretty much deserved what they got and they shouldn’t have been committing criminal acts in the first place. At this point my project partner walks out silently, but ANGRILY. He continues on to say that he feels the black community (oh…whatever that is…cause he says he doesn’t know what the “black community” really is) dwells upon things that he feels could have been…”prevented.” Then to add injury to insult we find out this man teaches CRIMINAL JUSTICE at Troy. Needless to say, there were a lot of angry African-Americans at the end of this session. My project partner was practically in tears and made sure she went to our sociology professor expressing how offended she was. She went on to make a valid point of the fact that’s the reason we were there in the first place. 
We came to discuss CHANGE and promote CHANGE. We came to make an awareness that we have A LOT of problems and that man happens to be upon the sea of ignorant people that really feel there is NOTHING wrong in America right now and we are to blame for the fates that have been dealt to us by police that CLEARLY we on a power trip. Where has this man been hiding the entire time?? What news is he watching to where that would even come out of his mouth?? EVERY victim that had their lives ended at the hands of a police officer were UNARMED and clearly were NO THREAT to the officers that took their lives. Why does he think we’re out here with t-shirts, protests, and marches saying “HANDS UP! DON’T SHOOT”? For our health? Because that’s EXACTLY what those young black men were doing when they lost their lives just for trying to live them and minding their business.
The other point that bothers me is that there are people like this in positions where they are teaching the wrong things and believing the wrong things. That man clearly didn’t even know what he was talking about and made not ONE valid point to what he was saying. I’m not sure if he feels that we as the “black community” are supposed to sweep everything that has happened under the rug and not fight for what we believe in, but if that’s the case then he CLEARLY DOES NOT know what the black community is. He also CLEARLY does not need to be teaching Criminal Justice if he really feels that way because he will be able to change NOTHING. I just wanted to share this information and let it marinate for a minute because we are to the point where people SERIOUSLY are in denial and feel like nothing is broken and nothing needs to be fixed. That’s pretty scary when you can clearly look around and see that isn’t the case. We need to promote more awareness and make it known that there IS A PROBLEM and that problem needs to be addressed, not just by whites and blacks, but every race in between. We live in a county that calls itself “Land of the Free” and “The Melting Pot” and refer to terms like “Cultured” and “Diverse” when describing what this continent is about. Everyday I see the complete opposite and anyone that comes from overseas and experiences our “culture” are usually left in shock and confusion at the amount of racism they claim to experience in the first THREE HOURS that they get here. So people need to wake up and people also need to maybe talk to their instructors outside of class and get to know them, because you never know who is really trying to teach to change the world for the better or just talking a bunch of B.S. to bring it down.

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