Obama Jokes About the Alabama GOP Tax Cuts

GREAT Morning Everyone!
It is a beautiful Saturday morning outside and looks as if it will be pretty warm today. So before I go catch some sun I wanted to post about this short and funny, but also quite disturbing video of President Obama discussing a GOP tax bill that Alabama’s Republicans decided to try and pass. They always feel it is for the benefit of the people, so here is the kicker…This bill’s policies would allow the funding programs for us “average” working class citizens to be cut and would give tax breaks to the richest people in Alabama…which is a mere one percent and that is exactly FIFTY PEOPLE, or as President Obama put it…”Not fifty-thousand…FIFTY…FIDDY!” So they would be the only ones getting a tax break while on the other side, we would have two million more distributed to us “average” Americans in taxes. I wonder who really sat at a table and thought this bill out. It is interesting to always see rich people with no issues and stress on their lives to pay bills try to figure out and discuss what is best for us little ol’ poor folk. I’m guessing we do not possess enough money to know what is best for ourselves. Then since when did they feel rich people needed a “tax break”?? When have they ever tried to concoct a solution for AVERAGE citizens to receive a tax break?? For even one day? NOT EVER! So as funny as this was when I saw it, I can see why the “true black” rose up in President Obama when he heard about it and thought about it. There is still an apparent seriousness to it when he says it because I am pretty sure he is wondering the same thing that we are…who was it REALLY going to benefit? If anything, it would have been catastrophic and pretty irresponsible on the government’s part to let only FIFTY people (RICH people at that) receive a tax break while we try to scramble around even more to give them a two million dollar tax break. Yeah this is serious and they have seriously lost it. So please make sure you read and share posts like these. Knowledge is power and as hard working citizens, we have a right to know where our money goes and who it really benefits and the right to question it. So I just thought I should share this bit of information, especially when it is centered around the state of Alabama and the fact that it’s state leaders gave the President of the United States his “laugh of the day”.
Go get your laughs too by clicking the link below to catch the full video and story!! I hope everyone enjoys their Saturdays!!
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