My Life

Good morning Everyone!!!

Hope everyone is doing great on this extremely rainy day! I would just like to take this time to say thank you to any and everyone out there supporting me and my blogs right now. I know that I may have only one or two viewers that actually tune in to watch my LIVE show and just a handful of people that actually read my blogs but by the grace of God, those numbers will grow to thousands and millions one day soon! I did not interview anyone this week, but will have another special guest next week. So this week I decided it should be a “Get to know ME better” type of week. I’ve interviewed two people and explained their lives and goals without letting you know very much about mine and that isn’t cool. So Sunday I will be hosting my LIVE video blog with nobody joining me because it will be me explaining all of my projects and upcoming releases!! So please make sure you tune in to get to know about me and you can also ask questions or comment on what more you would like to see or hear about in my blogs. Thank you again for all of the support and suggestions so far!! 

Support the community!!

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