Baltimore Riots

It is the bright and early morning of April 28, 2015. I sit peacefully on my couch in Montgomery,Alabama and watch as Baltimore destroys their city on CNN for the sake of justice regarding the death of 25 year old Freddy Gray. It is chaotic. Tunnels of smoke rise in the air, clips of angry teens throwing actual bricks at the cops replay over and over on the news. This city is frustrated…this city is upset…these PEOPLE are upset…MY people are upset. Freddy Gray died just a week after being arrested on April 19th. They are unclear of of the reasons why Gray happened to be arrested, but it was said when he arrived at the police station he was unable to breathe, walk, or talk. Gray was then transported to a Baltimore Police Department Van. His legs were “mysteriously” broken in addition to 80% of his spine being severely damaged. He could not walk, nor support his own weight in the shocking video of white police officers dragging him towards the van as he screams in agony. Onlookers watch and record in anger while yelling at the officers the exact same thing Freddy Gray is trying to express the entire time, “HIS LEGS ARE BROKEN! HE CAN’T WALK!!” Once he was loaded in the van and transported to the hospital, he then lost his life a week later in the hospital.

Freddy Gray Arrest

After his funeral, riots began throughout the city of Baltimore by Black people of all ages demanding answers. There has been the looting and burning of the CVS Pharmacy and other locally owned businesses. The news is highlighting what they call “violent” and “blatant” acts. Referring to them as “animals” and “uneducated”. I don’t understand why they would feel these people are uneducated when clearly they are telling you they want answers and for the “mysterious” killings and extermination of our people to end. They seem pretty clear on their purpose and their goals as far as I’m concerned. I don’t agree with them just destroying businesses or looting. If there are innocent people involved and being hurt for no reason in all of this then I DO NOT feel that it is right. I do see the point that they are attempting to make to the city and to the country and I can feel  their frustrations. THEY ARE MAD!!

Baltimore Riots

I am going to say this about these riots. We are all entitled to an opinion and that’s exactly what a blog is sometimes. We as Black people seem to be the most “peace loving” individuals when it comes to white people, the police and being mistreated. When it’s time to fight for something we WANT and we DESERVE in order to live better among these people, we cower behind signs and police barriers while chanting something along the lines of what we WON’T tolerate for about a week then keep right on tolerating it. When it’s time to say that we have had enough of Black people dying gruesome or “mysterious” deaths just because they are BLACK, we are angry for about two weeks, there are riots and there are even signs that maybe we ARE tired and will finally fight back for what we stand for…only to go right back home and keep SITTING in our anger and our cooperation. Aren’t we realizing this cycle has gotten us nowhere? Why are we always saying that it’s peace that will make these people see we mean business when they haven’t used that tactic even ONCE in order to get us in line to do everything that they want us to do?

From the time they brought us here to NOW, it’s as if they have put these thoughts and magic fairy dust in our heads that is supposed to convince us we will one day be equal just like them. That we will one day have the same benefits and opportunities and so will our children and then our children’s children. They cause us to watch everyday as they do the EXACT SAME THINGS to us NOW that they were doing to us one hundred and even two hundred years ago. We are STILL slaves. They enslave us in prison systems for the most simple crimes while they let their people get away with murder. We are shot ON SIGHT for the smallest thing as a police officer “thinking” he saw a weapon on us only to let a white man that OBVIOUSLY shot up an entire movie theater and robbed TWELVE people of their lives on the day they just wanted to see Batman: The Dark Knight Rises receives an entire drawn out trial with HIS people defending him as being “insane” at the time.

They are still hanging us from the trees of Mississippi…in 2015!!! Then try to convince us that we only destroy ourselves. Saying that we committed suicide or that we were “irate” in our approach toward them. I do not know about anyone else, but the Baltimore riots EXCITE me. They make me hopeful that the awareness and frustration Baltimore is experiencing SPREADS across this country and we as Black people who have NEVER been cut a break will TAKE the break that we need. Will TAKE the benefits and the opportunities that we NEED! Will look around and see that is was US that built this country up from nothing and TAKE our land that was supposed to be ours so that we can pass it down to our generations. I’m really only hoping that this isn’t wishful thinking or temporary happiness. I’m hoping that we will finally STOP talking and marching around trying to explain ourselves when these people already know what they have done and what they are STILL doing. We have to be aware and we have to remain aware. I TRULY hope that Baltimore remains aware also! I know this blog was long today but I had quite a lot to say and I hope that everyone else that cares about the future has a lot to say also! Be safe today in all of your endeavors and remember…YOU MATTER!!

Solidify Your Life!!

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