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It is Wednesday, September 21, 2016 in the city of Montgomery, AL. It’s sunny, beautiful and yes…it is still quite HOT and HUMID! Today I wanted to do a blog entry because there is just so much going on in the world and in our nation these days. If it isn’t from crazy things like cities being bombed, people being criticized for not standing during the national anthem, all the way to crazy unidentified individuals walking around scaring and luring children in killer clown outfits…things are getting hectic out here. The first thing that came to mind today and my most main concern for the past few months is this presidential campaign going on in our nation right now. I don’t know about anyone else watching it, but this is the most fearful and unsure I have ever been in my twenty-eight years of living about who is about to run this country. In my opinion, it’s almost like watching elementary school children go back and forth in a sandbox with no real reasoning or facts about what they’re even arguing about. I am going to start with the one I feel is the worst candidate…Donald Trump.

So what scares me about him is that this guy is a presidential candidate that has made it to being one of the final two options that we have to run this country. He has absolutely NO political background, is mostly known to be a pretty rich and good business man and have a reality show that people used to watch called The Apprentice where he talked to and treated other talented business people like crap in order to become a part of his organization. He also has no clue what it means to struggle and be at the bottom of the totem pole in society and it reflects in his racially disrespectful and uncompassionate campaign speeches. I have no clue how he even plans to “Make America Great Again.” He mostly rants on about his blatant opinions towards immigration and that he feels like America freely lets in all of the Mexican drug dealers and criminals in to our country and even made fantasized statements about planning to build practically the world’s greatest and largest wall on the border in order to keep them out…using our tax dollars. I’m feeling like this is the least of our worries in this country right now but the most important of his. What scares me the most is that it seems to him that any race or even any individual that lives in poverty or in his opinion is wasting America’s precious air or space because they have no money or jobs, don’t concern him and is practically a problem he would like to get rid of. I really would not be surprised if he tried to exile African Americans while he’s at it. This is a person who even admitted to believing in still “Water boarding” people considered terrorists. If he plans to make America so great, why does he down and talk about many of the individuals that actually make up more than half of America’s population?

His exact quote in a campaign speech that he made a few weeks ago towards Blacks went a little something like this.

“You’re living in poverty, your schools are no good, you have no jobs, 58 percent of your youth is unemployed-what the hell else do you have to lose?”

Many have said that they respect the fact that he is very honest but most of it can’t even be pinned as honesty. I practically would call it bullying on most occasions. Especially when he hits his opponent below the belt by saying things about Hilary Clinton like she couldn’t even satisfy her husband, what makes us think that she can run an entire country? Seriously? His wife and the woman that would be our future first lady, Melania Trump, was just in hot water for the fact that her speech was not even an original and most of it was copied from Michelle Obama’s speech when Barack ran for president.

Nothing about this guy and even elements, such as his wife, that surrounds him is really able to be labeled as “honest”. I have the great fear of knowing that he actually might win and be the next president of the United States simply because people in America are always to be quite fearful of change and anything different and would want to keep a man in office. We definitely got lucky with having the first African American president serve for two full terms, but a woman? There have been many things said and questions surrounding the fact that America may not want to be ran by a woman. I can kind of relate in certain ways. We, as females, are known to be quite emotional and compassionate about certain issues that might require the cut throat personality and directness of a man making a better or more logical decision. I also wonder if that would be such a big issue compared to way that Donald Trump thinks America should be ran? He doesn’t even refer to America a lot of the time as a whole and everyone being equals. You can pretty much already tell who would have the upper hand on his priority list. In my opinion, he is nothing more than a glorified T.V. personality who seems great for entertainment purposes (if you’re in to that sort of thing), but running an entire country? One that’s already going through the worst hate crimes and terrorism it ever has because of racism and just plain old indifferences in the first place? I feel someone of his background is just not equipped for that. His dishonesty shows through many things. I think even children feel uncomfortable vibes from him.

 For now though, let’s move on to Hilary Clinton and what she has to offer.

So Hilary Clinton is the Democratic candidate and second option we have in who is going to run this country. She happens to be the wife of former Democratic President, Bill Clinton. I feel this factor gives me a little more hope because she somewhat has a more political background and definitely a lot more experience when it comes to dealing with Americans and their issues. She also is a lot more vocal on what she plans to do to improve the problems America faces. She has a lot of focus on our children and making schools a better environment for them to learn. She has voiced how she plans to help out a lot more with the poor, creating more jobs, and having less taxes.

I feel she is lot more focused on the issue at hand when it comes to us having to choose a candidate, because I honestly feel like if you’re talking about America becoming greater, these are the things we are struggling with and that hold a lot of importance. Down the road, she has also even had her shaky moments that I still hold in my head as far as her being President of the United States. There was that whole situation that she had concerning her emails and having an entire private account that put her under investigation. She used a private server for her campaign and to send her emails which made the FBI report that there was “gross negligence”. They claim that her using a private server instead of the State Department’s server made her vulnerable and prone to hacks and enemies being able to access sensitive information. In July there were 81 email chains discovered by the FBI that ranged from confidential to top secret, but could not be accessed. At the end of the day, it is said that even if she did happen to make the decision to use the State Department’s servers, she still could have been hacked in certain ways. So you never really know whether they made a big deal out of nothing, but they sure did make it seem like it was one of the worst things that she ever could have done. It was highlighted in the news for weeks and I’m guessing they may have thought she was being dishonest and trying to hide some things. In my opinion, I think she had the freedom to use whatever server she felt was best for her and her campaign and the only issue was that it is was not the State Department’s, so it couldn’t be accessed by someone like the FBI, who are always wanting to be nosey, but that’s just me, you be the judge. This is the same organization that forced Apple to change it’s programming for the IPhone 6 when it came out and they realized they were unable to hack people’s phones, information, and tracking; but hey, this is America.

I feel that she is very supportive of all races and America as a whole and Barack Obama is very supportive of her campaign. He has even just recently quoted that he sees it as a “personal insult” for us if we don’t vote for her. There honestly are times that I feel she knows our support as African Americans or any minority is vital for her win and she can in my opinion do just a little too much as far as trying to relate to us and our culture in order to make sure we’re on her side. I’m kind of like, “Just be real and be yourself. Usually the rest will follow.” If there’s one thing nobody likes, it’s that white person who feels they need to have a couple of black friends just to say they have them and aren’t considered racist. They’re “down”. Not saying that’s her motive but it’s just amusing when she tries REALLY hard.

Overall, she isn’t the WORST candidate to me, but isn’t still scary sometimes not knowing whether these people are actually FOR US or themselves? Self gain seems to be pretty popular these days and I feel everyone deserves a selfless and sincere candidate that is truly dedicated to turning our country around. What I loved about President Obama is that he’s seen both sides of the fence. He came from poverty and was that shining example we could all look at that told us ALL things are possible and that if you work hard and dream big, you can become something as big as the President of the United States, even if you started from the very bottom. I don’t even know when we will encounter someone as unique as that ever again.

I am honestly dreading going to the polls in November and can just imagine the look on my face and the thoughts running through my head on what I can actually choose to tolerate the most while staring at a ballot. In my opinion, I’m almost looking at this campaign and a presidential candidate like a relationship. I agree with that Katt Williams on his stand-up “It’s Pimpin Pimpin”. Like do we really NEED a president right now? Can’t we just be single for a while and date? Maybe test the waters and see what it is we actually want and need out of a president? Actually doesn’t sound like a bad idea. I definitely did not come here to rant or put down one candidate over another convince anyone to vote for a certain person. This is a blog and is exactly what is most of the time…my opinion based off of my perspective and what I see and hear on the news. Everyone is entitled to their own. But when we go to the polls, I just hope and pray that we as citizens of this country make thoughtful decisions on what we want. A lot of my friends are saying they don’t even want to vote at all, because they wouldn’t know who to choose. This is the first time I’ve really heard that concerning a campaign and honestly I don’t blame them. And most of the time, I know and mostly everyone else knows, half of the time our votes rarely even count. Politics is all politics and I can believe the fact that most of it is rigged. Just look at the Bush campaign and that whole Florida incident where they claim they “miscounted” the ballots, thus winning him the presidency. I don’t trust it anymore than you do. So I’m usually afraid either way.

I just ask everyone to make sure you actually thoroughly do the research for yourself before going and kind of look at it as an actual relationship. This is the person you are choosing to tolerate for the next four to eight years of your life!! Stay awake.

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