Trump’s "Attempt" at a Black History Month Meeting

2 February 2017

Today was going to be an entry about a past Black History fact that happened on this date years ago or something positive about an African American achievement. After watching the news yesterday and seeing Donald Trump’s sad and almost comical attempt to try and relate to African Americans and Black History Month at what he called “a little breakfast” that was supposedly held to kick off Black History Month, I just had to blog about it. I feel this man digs himself a deeper hole every single day that he opens his mouth. The fact that it has not even been an entire month and he has managed to propose the most ridiculous travel ban ever, focusing only on Muslims not being able to travel into the U.S. is not a shock. Nor is the fact that this “little breakfast” he held to make it seem like he can relate to any other race or human being other than himself resulted in a major failure.

Yesterday, Donald Trump met and sat in a room with only a handful of African American leaders. He was graced with the presence of phenomenal African American achievers, such as Ben Carson and Omarosa Manigualt. No prominent members of the NAACP or National Urban League were in attendance. Guess they already knew better, because it seemed the main focus of this meeting to Donald Trump was addressing the media and their “lies” about him (as always) and discussing in the most awkward ways, how he feels about the black community. He praised several obvious Black leaders that can be found in any public school history book, such as Fredrick Douglass and Harriet Tubman.

“Frederick Douglass is an example of somebody who’s done an amazing job and is being recognized more and more, I noticed,” Trump said. “Harriett Tubman, Rosa Parks and millions more black Americans that made America what it is today. Big impact. I’m proud to honor this heritage and will be honoring it more and more.”
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He also spoke on the progression and the recent opening of the National Museum of African American History and Culture located in Washington. He has received backlash from African American Democrats and political leaders that are referring to this meeting as nothing but a political stunt, saying there is a lot of talk and praise about the black community, but that he does nothing as far as working with black leaders to implement the many issues that we face in society today. While on the flip side, his supporters are praising him for his attempts to combat inner-city violence. The most that is heard of as far as combating violence, is that he wants to attempt to calm the violence in Chicago and meet with “top gang thugs” in order to lower the body count of the city.
There really is no solid plan put in place for how he plans to achieve anything that he talks about, nor is there any real focus on helping the black community as a whole. So, it’s safe to say that I agree with Congressional Black Caucus Chairman Cedric Richmond, about all of it being a political stunt. Especially when we all know what he said about the black community being the worst and how we have nothing else to lose during one of his many “interesting” campaign speeches. My question always is what knowledge does he have of ANYTHING having to do with African Americans or anything involving our community? Everything seems to be all talk but nobody has even seen Donald Trump walk around the streets of not one black neighborhood. Nor have they seen him really visit the streets of Chicago to get a clear picture of what he’ll actually be dealing with, but he’s claiming he’s going to meet with top gang leaders about violence because they “respect” him? This should be quite interesting. 
For any further information and more highlights on his breakfast yesterday and some of the opinions expressed about it make sure to visit this link, or any other link after you Google it, because it’s now everywhere and obviously the internet memes about it have started flowing.

OH YEAH…Happy Groundhog Day and yes Punxstawny Phil saw his shadow. Which supposedly means we have 6 more weeks of winter, but we all know the weather is just going to do whatever it wants to do. Especially if you live in the South! It’s already spring!!

Have a great day, celebrate yourself and your people and always remember to…


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