Monday’s Solar Eclipse!!

17 August 2017

There just happen to be those moments in life you just have to catch. You never know if the next time it comes around, you just might not be there to see it and we all know that life is all about experiences and moments. I still remember being the age of fourteen and receiving my first telescope after nagging my parents about getting one I spotted at Wal-Mart. I would wake up even on a school night to sometimes be outside at three o’ clock in the morning looking through the  powerful lens and trying to catch meteor showers, to see Mars as big as the moon, or to even just catch a glimpse of a star shooting across the sky just to know that I took the time to catch these God made miracles. So it brings me great and geeky pleasure to know and to make aware to everyone else that an actual total solar eclipse will occur on Monday, August 21, 2017!!

Photo Credits: NASA

We are exactly FOUR days away from this awesome celestial phenomenon so I decided to make a post today describing the WHAT, the WHERE, the WHEN, the WHY, and the DON’T’s. So what exactly is a solar eclipse and what is going to occur during this time?  A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the Earth and the sun, which causes it to block out all or part of the sun’s rays. During the eclipse on Monday, the moon will block out the light of the sun for about two minutes and forty seconds. Those who will not be in the total path of the eclipse (which is us) will get to PARTIALLY view it and will notice some of the sun’s disk being covered by the moon. So don’t freak out once it goes a little dim at the highest peak of noon, it’s just greatness happening! In order to fully see the eclipse you would need to be in what is called the path of totality, which is a thin seventy mile ribbon that will reach from Oregon to South Carolina. So if you want to travel to catch the full extent of it, then South Carolina would be your best choice. It will begin around 10:16 a.m. and Carbondale, Illinois will have the best view and be able to watch it the longest and for the entire two minute and forty second duration. In Montgomery, Alabama, it will reach us and we will be able to view it partially around about 2:59 p.m.

An example of the moon’s orbit path and what will be happening on Monday/ Photo Credits: NASA

The last total solar eclipse that could be seen from contiguous states was February 26, 1979. You could mostly view it if you happened to be in the Northern states of Washington, Oregon, North Dakota and many different parts of Canada, such as Quebec and Ontario. If you happen to miss this one, fortunately the next eclipse will be on October 14, 2023 and will reach from North Carolina to Florida. Then another will follow on April 8, 2024, which you will be able to view from Texas to Maine.

Coverage according to location in North America. Photo Credits: NASA

So, lets get to this eclipse glasses trending topic. You CAN NOT, I repeat, CAN NOT look directly at a PARTIAL solar eclipse without protection. Many are thinking that they will go blind looking at it once the corona is completely covered. The most dangerous moments are the partial moments. Please view and read below about the partial stages of the eclipse where glasses are needed. If you are fortunate enough to view the eclipse when it is at totality, that is the ONLY time that you can view it with the naked eye and not be at any risk.
Photo Credits: NASA

If you are wondering where to locate and buy these special glasses, let me drop the list for you. Depending on where you decide to go, they are actually pretty cheap in most places. There are even certain sites and stores that sell them in bundles of 25 for $7.99. Many retailers have already sold out of the solar eclipse glasses, but there is still the option of ordering online if you do it in the right amount of time.

1. Wal-mart
2. Best Buy
3. Lowes
4. Amazon
5. Circle K
6. Pilot/Flying J
7. Toys “R” Us
8. Kroger
9. Love’s Travel Shop
10. 7-Eleven
11. Kirkland’s

You’re welcome. Now that we have that part down, there are even interesting superstitions and outlandish myths that come with this event. Solar eclipses have occurred since the beginning of time. Ancient cultures felt it had to do with angry and quarreling gods. Asian cultures believe that the sun is being eaten by angry demons or even a mystical giant frog. Indian cultures have know to even fast during the time of an eclipse, believing that food prepared during this time will be “impure” and poisonous. Even during modern day times, some believe that a solar eclipse is an omen that can cause unlucky occurrences, such as disasters and even death. The Italians possess more of a positive outlook on eclipses and believe that if flowers are planted during that time, they grow to be more vibrant and healthy.

Every culture has different beliefs, but what I believe is that it is simply an amazing thing to view and experience and I will most definitely by front and center making sure that I catch every moment. Even if you may not be as excited as I am about it, it’s still something educational to teach your children, and even those that have just never experienced being apart of one. So please be sure to go purchase your glasses this weekend and spread the word and the facts! Find your viewing time below and ENJOY!!!

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