9 January 2018
Good morning!
Hello Vizzion Seekers and most of all HAPPY NEW YEAR!! It is now 2018 and I don’t think that I could be more excited about a fresh new year which means there is always room for a fresh new start! It has not even be two weeks into the new year and already there is more drama, more politics, and more jaw droppers than ever. The weather is crazy and there has been record breaking cold temperatures to endure even in Alabama. Florida’s iguanas are freezing up and dropping out of trees. I worked a lot for once last weekend and did a few visits to the military units that I assist as a part of my job. I journeyed to Troy, Brundidge, and Fort Rucker and was even blessed with seeing a few old friends in the military unit that I served with while in the Army National Guard. I even saw people that I did not really want to see, but hey, that’s life. But on to the topic of the day! 
While I was nibbling my continental breakfast the other day, I happened to perk my ears up towards an announcement concerning marijuana and the policy that Obama’s administration had in place as far as legalization statewide and decided I would do a blog on the subject. Former President Obama’s policy for not challenging the state laws of marijuana has been rolled back and now the justice department is involved. This is causing tension for those states that have decided to legalize marijuana for medicinal and/or recreational use. It seems that on the federal side, their minds are made up that marijuana is illegal and should be enforced. Attorney General Jeff Sessions presented a memo and states that Obama’s policy has a “de-facto safe haven” for those who have been taking part in what is now a thriving marijuana industry. 

What he is trying to achieve is an “overturn” of this original policy. Now growers and sellers in the legalized states would need to be worried about federal prosecution when it comes to their business, whether recreational or medicinal. This has a slight backlash and contradiction to what Trump at first said about the policy, recommending that it should be “left to the states”. Now he is agreement with Session’s about prosecuting those who are involved with the marijuana movement. Session’s policy has not yet been distributed to any U.S. attorneys across the county. But according to the news for today, he overturned the policy January 4th. This gives federal prosecutors to the discretion to prosecute marijuana traffickers and growers. This is no surprise and it has been stated that Sessions has constantly disagreed with any policy when it comes to the legalization of marijuana. His memo did not include how the policy would be enforced, but only describes the previous policy as “unnecessary”. 

“This memorandum is intended solely as a guide to the exercise of investigative and prosecutorial discretion,” Sessions said in the memo.

There is a noticeable lack of detail in the administration’s new policy, but he gave 94 attorney generals across the United States clear guidance on when to prosecute those violating federal law when it comes to cultivating and distributing marijuana. Obama’s previous policy did not aid in changing marijuana’s federal classification as an illegal drug, but effectively assisted non-violent marijuana users with no connections to drug cartels and gangs with not being pursued for prosecution. Now there will be unpredictable actions by federal prosecutors that have maintained a “hands off” approach because of the policy. At least 60% of Americans support marijuana legalization and 29 states have approved medical use of marijuana. Medical use is protected by Congress, but that expires this month and would have to be reapproved in order for states to continue with its’ distribution.

I honestly feel like this has gone on long enough and a final decision should be made. There have been hundreds of studies proving marijuana to be medically effective and that it should not even be categorized as a drug on the same spectrum as heroin or cocaine. Marijuana aids with numerous major medical issues such as, PTSD, epilepsy, seizures, Parkinson’s, and many more conditions that reportedly improve with the use of medicinal marijuana. There does not always have to be an effective high when consuming marijuana for medicinal purposes. When THC is extracted into an oil in order to treat children’s deficiencies such as seizures, there is no “high” associated with it and helps reduce their seizure counts to less than 1-2 per month, if that. If this policy were to stay in place, many who depend on the benefits of marijuana for their health would be at risk for being incarcerated just for dealing with their conditions the best way they know. This has been a debate for years, yet there are no recorded reports of marijuana ever causing death or illness to anyone. They argue that the potency of marijuana during these times is higher and has been linked to deteriorating education statistics in children, long term conditions, and affecting the brain.

So lets look at the stats and the records of what actually IS LEGAL in the United States:

1. An estimated 88,000 people die from alcohol related causes per year. Alcohol is the THIRD leading cause of death in the United States.

This group of people is typically known as the “Baby Boomers” and also the MAIN group complaining about marijuana

2. Cigarettes are responsible for 480,000 deaths per year in the United States. 41,000 are from secondhand smoke exposure. That means it causes 1300 deaths PER DAY.

3. There are ZERO reported deaths linked to marijuana in the United States. You would need to consume 20,000 to 40,000 times of your average dose in order to overdose and die from marijuana. (1500 pounds of marijuana in 15 minutes.

4. You would have to smoke 800 joints in one sitting to possibly die from carbon monoxide poisoning.

5. Most drug related deaths per year are caused by heroin and prescribed medications. 17,536 to be exact.

My sole purpose in stating all of this is that I really think individuals like Jeff Sessions are focused on the wrong things when it comes to weed and need to realize that it’s honestly not the enemy. The main reason for the fight against not legalizing marijuana will ALWAYS be centered in the subject of money, marketing, and the prison systems. There are people sitting in prison to this day with sentences that stretch out for years.  Their crime being minimal when it comes to marijuana distribution or possession, non-violent crimes. They are residing among serious violent criminals. Legalizing it would cut down on the funds prisons and the states are making in order to keep money in their pockets and would mean that most of those who are in prison for marijuana distribution would be set free or their sentence time would be dramatically reduced.

This isn’t a matter of protecting anyone. From what? When has marijuana been reported as dangerous? I honestly have never seen anyone going crazy down the street or slurring their words from smoking marijuana. There are NO reported deaths saying that marijuana was the SPECIFIC and factual cause. So as a veteran who was diagnose with PTSD and knowing the issues that come with it, I am VERY supportive of it being legalized and have never seen the issues or the reasons for “cracking down” on it’s use. I am more than certain that those who are against it have never known it’s benefits nor even tried it. And on top of that I’m pretty sure they probably chain smoke cigarettes and tobacco, do other major deadly drugs, are addicted to sex or pornography, or guzzle alcohol like it’s water. ALL are able to majorly jeopardize anyone’s life, yet all are LEGAL.

Since WE ARE THE PEOPLE, I feel we should let THE PEOPLE be the ones to speak on it’s decision and be able to vote on it. It always seems to be up to Congress and the justice department…so who’s really the “expert”?

Just a little food for thought with the start of 2018. Maybe a miracle will occur and there are better things to come. I will remain positive and optimistic throughout this year and be sure to more than exercise my freedom of speech when it comes to my habits and health and just plain old common sense!! 

There is also the announcement that I will begin an actual video blog with a YouTube channel. It will still be called The Vizzion. I know there are those who are not great readers and more effective listeners than anything. I will even be asking for feedback on topics and maybe some things you guys would just like to discuss on Facebook Live , from relationships to sexual harassment and things going on in the media. Anything that you would like me to discuss. Have a great day and never stop fighting for what you believe in!


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