"Her Crowning Frenzy" Release and Launch!!!

29 April 2018
Hello all of my wonderful people and avid supporters! It is a beautiful day in Alabama and I decided to post a blog and actually go in depth about the background and reason for my brand new published poetry book “Her Crowning Frenzy”! I cannot explain how excited and full of joy I have been for the past two weeks! I FINALLY completed and published my very first book. This poetry book is so important to me. It was a journey the entire way; from the concept, the ideas, the actual writing, and even the release. Even now that it’s done, the work is just now beginning…the REAL WORK. The work that it takes an independent author to make their book relevant and for others to actually buy your book and give decent and honest feedback. There is more work in the marketing and promotion than writing the book itself. You need reviews, social media presence, etc. It starts become a pretty big headache. I am ready for EVERYTHING that it takes and need all of the support and the help to make this book make moves and spread nationwide! The title BEST SELLING AUTHOR floats through my head everyday I will do everything in my power to achieve it!
I wrote “Her Crowning Frenzy” with one main thing in mind…expression and differentiation. I wanted to introduce a collection of my work in a unique way. Poetry is so complicated and complex at times, especially if it’s work for people to actually read and your’e not doing it in a spoken word environment. If you’re not careful, you can lose your readers through being to wordy or too mundane. Many questions flooded my head during the creation of this book…”Who still actually reads or is interested in poetry?” What TYPE of poetry are people interested in?” And “Is my poetry good enough for others to spend money on it while not being completely bored to death?” I began to brainstorm and remembered just how much I love the art of storytelling. I’ve been telling stories since I was a child, they always came to me so easily so that’s what brought about telling stories that were still considered poems at the same time. I told truthful stories of poetry and the stories all entail events that either I have been through, thought about, or dream about. So not only is it letting the reader in on some interesting moments, but also the nightly vivid dreams that have flooded my head for a long time. I also seperated and categorized these stories into topics that are important to me and the us as the human race. There will be Love, Heartache, Passion, Rebellion, and Life. Life is the only category with poetry that DOES NOT tell a story but still touches on very interesting social points.

What I would like for this book to represent is free expression. I can honestly express that writing out all of this poetry not only helped, but it gave me a great outlet when it came to the symptoms of my PTSD and my journey with depression following my sexual assault. Everyone needs a way to release their anger and their frustrations and this one happens to be mine. I ALWAYS want others to make it a mission to find something that helps them express themselves. It’s therapeutic and it’s always essential to self healing! I want others to see and read my book and be brave. I’ve had so many people come to me when they find out that I have a book and the first thing that they say is they always wanted to write a book and just need to finish it or they either just outright request that I assist them in telling their story or help them with their ideas. I just smile because that was me for so many years. I have been writing since thirteen years old and only had one poem published before in a book along with other poets. Other than that I had plenty of excuses as to why nobody but me had seen and read my work. There’s no other word for making up a thousand reasons as to why I haven’t lived up to my potential and put my work out there. I spent money on other irrelevant things that could have been used to invest in myself or save for an investment. There were times even my conscience was pushing me to sit down, sit still. and write; I ended up following my body to a club or a party somewhere and would get nothing done. I finally stopped always having a reason I COULDN’T and started calling them excuses for why I just WOULDN’T.
I used to have fear and doubts within myself for a long time. I swore nobody wanted to listen to me or read what it was that I had to say. I mean…who am I?? But then I had to sit there, I had to pray, I had to reflect, and  I had to remember who I was and EVERYTHING and EVERYONE that brought me to this point. I had remember who and what brought me to the point of low self-esteem. I finally looked myself in the mirror and did one simple thing…reminded myself just how DAMN AWESOME I AM! That God made me in HIS image and instilled these talents into me for a reason. I have a purpose. Why would I ever doubt myself or my talents in the first place? And why was it so important for me to have anyone else’s approval? Once that part was thrown out I became more motivated than ever. I wrote out not one, not two, but FOUR books are lined up to be pushed out an published while I am STILL writing additional material and blogs also. I finally remembered I was doing it for MY self-healing and for my daughter to have a STRONG and DEDICATED mother to look up to. One that would show her that she could achieve her dreams and whatever she wanted to do if she works hard enough for it. I needed to instill ambition into her and for her to look to  me years later…proudly staring at her mother and wondering how she got so lucky…the same thoughts I  think every single time I look at her.
So I am please just asking for your support, nothing more and nothing less. In order to make it to best selling author I’m certainly going to need to sell and make this book gain the attention that I really feel it deserves. So if you would like to purchase your very own copy of “Her Crowning Frenzy: A Collection of Poetic Stories” feel free to go to the links at the bottom of this article. It’s available EVERYWHERE in store and online, including Amazon Prime if you would like to receive it quicker! I am more than honored to present this book to you and really hope that you enjoy. I hope that it inspires you to go for whatever you dream of and  that you achieve that dream! Be sure to also come to the official book launch, which takes place @ The Sanctuary in Downtown Montgomery on May 11th. Everything will begin at 7:30 p.m. and it’s a CELEBRATION! There will be food, drinks, music, signing, and just some words of appreciation for ANY and EVERYONE that has purchased a book, supported my blog, supported my non-profit, and anything else that I have done. SPREAD THE WORD and THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!

Amazon: http://a.co/7AvsUJr

Author House Website: https://www.authorhouse.com/Bookstore/BookDetail.aspx?BookId=SKU-001182536

Books-a-Million: http://www.booksamillion.com/p/Her-Crowning-Frenzy/Robin-Chappell/9781546237730?id=7247824057846

Barnes and Noble: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/her-crowning-frenzy-robin-chappell/1128508792?ean=9781546237747

Changing Our Momentum One Crown At a Time!!

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