Releasing Toxic Behavior

Letting Go of Toxic People in Your Life Is a Big Step in Loving Yourself.” – Hussein Nishah
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It’s a beautiful Thursday morning and I am blessed and happy to be alive and well. Today I just really wanted to touch on something I have been working on for quite a while and that I’ve been focused on this entire year…RELEASING TOXIC BEHAVIOR/RELATIONSHIPS. This comes with many uncomfortable things I’ve been having to work on and include vulnerability, self worth, and boundaries, especially when it comes to my relationships. The core problem of the many issues I have experienced when dating always had to do with patterns and toxic habits that I had no business putting off on to others. I always wanted people to just distract me from things that made me feel uncomfortable and sometimes just from the loneliness I oftentimes felt. I was unable to accept being alone because I felt I never deserved to be.

I am pretty confident in myself and my qualities. I feel I am amazing enough to find someone just as amazing, but I had to learn the lesson that WHO I AM IS NOT FOR EVERYONE TO EXPERIENCE. This is something I have been repeating inside of my head and it has helped quite tremendously. I no longer waste time with those who can’t fully accept who I am or make me feel as if I’m not as important to them as they would want me to make them feel. I no longer do things that I just am not comfortable doing and when I feel a certain way I am better able to express it and eliminate it. Things often centered around satisfying someone that I cared for and fell in love with, but it was often to the point of me becoming unhappy and not at peace with myself. So it was time to let go.

I am now a lot better with communication and I still often go back and forth on relationships and love in itself. I oftentimes wonder whether commitment is worth the stress and can sadly see myself never being married and being fine with that. It doesn’t mean I deter the idea of love or forever with someone, I just don’t grow as excited at the thought to be honest. This stems from the way everything works through social media and how often I’ve witnessed someone’s feelings changing suddenly from hot to cold. Healthy dating habits begin to die down within just a few months and we get tired of each other because everything is just so quick and so heavy. I can’t really live in that pattern anymore and tread a lot more lightly now, not just for myself, but for my daughter Harmony and the other person included.

That goes to say that whatever you’re feeling when you date or when you give someone a chance…it’s normal for things to feel a little rocky at times or for you to experience uncertainty. Things like that don’t just disappear on their own and take healing and time. If you’re with or around someone unable to understand that about you then that’s not a great place for you to be.

Releasing past transgressions and letting go of things that once hurt you is a healthy but tedious process that can take YEARS AND YEARS, but once you’ve reached that point of peace and calm it’s a wonderful feeling and you’ll feel better about yourself. It creates more strength and wisdom within you and you’re more able to make choices that are just better for YOU! Never let anyone else’s feelings or opinions override your own. That’s what creates resentment and a better future cannot involve grudges!

So when you go about your day, or even your entire life, always remember that it’s all a journey and a process. Don’t be so hard on yourself about the choices you make and even the mistakes that you still have to make in the future. It’s all apart of life and the best part about it is embracing it! You’re wonderful, you’re strong, and you’re WORTH IT!

Changing Our Momentum One Crown at a Time.”

-Robin Chappell (Founder of Harmonious Grace, Inc.)

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