Marijuana: The War on Legalization

Robin Chappell Monday, July 22, 2019

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The legalization of marijuana has grown into a popular topic for America. Many feel that marijuana is a gateway drug; one that would cause harm and dire consequences. There is belief that it’s effects cause you to seek stronger substances and increases depression, according to studies performed by the FDA. Others feel that it is not a drug at all, but a natural healing plant that eliminates pain, reduces depression and soothes stress. During these past few years, there have been numerous discussions on legalizing marijuana in America altogether. Many states have succeeded in making the plant medically accessible for their citizens possessing diseases that cause severe pain. This would require a medical marijuana card granted because of medical conditions ranging from seizures, cancer, and glaucoma. There are still studies and skepticism surrounding the suggestion it also helps military veterans with their diagnosed PTSD. Recreational use of the drug is still being looked at as questionable and oftentimes irresponsible. So what really are the positive and the negative factors regarding marijuana and it’s use? 

Marijuana is becoming a more popular topic of discussion that is often brought up in news debates and politics. Politician and Florida Senator Marco Rubio frequently voices strong opinions and refuses to accept it’s possible benefits. He often categorizes it with alcohol abuse; declaring it could also destroy homes and many lives of American citizens if used irresponsibly for recreational use.

“There’s no positive impact to using marijuana,” he said. “Now, if there’s a medicinal use — if you can go to the FDA and prove that it helps with medicine, that’s fine. Then turn it into medicine.”

-Senator Marco Rubio
Sen. Marco Rubio

There have been several cases in America in which small children are being comforted and healed from certain conditions, such as seizures, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and many more; all from ingesting the marijuana’s hemp oils. This is often frowned upon by many who feel children should not be involved with medicinal use of marijuana because it is considered a drug. Yet parents are stressing that they never distribute the marijuana’s THC to their children, which is what would cause them to feel the “euphoric or high” feeling recreational users strive for. There are now legalized oral cannabidioils (or CBD oils) to use legally for these conditions. The healing actually comes from the hemp oil, which can be extracted and simply mixed into foods for ingestion with no other side effects. It has miraculously helped those with severe epileptic seizures become limited to only one seizure every few months versus possibly three a day, including restoration of several intellectual abilities. Children with severe epileptic seizures need assistance with daily activities and lack independent intellectual skills.

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Debates and questions have been brought up on the fact there are no recorded deaths or negative consequences concerning marijuana and it’s uses. Doctors and experts have even stressed the fact that marijuana does indeed reduce pain and even symptoms that range from nausea, stress, and migraines. Are the negative effects so bad that marijuana should even be considered a drug or addictive? A reported 443,000 individuals die from cigarettes every year, while a reported 88,000 prematurely die from alcohol. So why aren’t these substances illegal in America also and why are sales continued when there actually are dire consequences behind them? Those substances also have to do with CHOICE. The choice to purchase and the choice to consume according to your lifestyle and how well you are able to deal with those substances responsibly; they could always do the same for marijuana consumption among Americans. Marijuana is known to have ZERO recorded deaths and there are no records of marijuana being the motivation behind violent crimes, yet they try and convince the public that it’s taboo and it can actually lead to a life of trouble and laziness.

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In my opinion and in my every day life…marijuana is more than harmless and should be legalized for both medicinal and recreational use. I honestly have been a marijuana user since the age of eighteen. I have PTSD, mental sexual trauma, and severe migraines, in addition to still having an ongoing battle with my past depression. Marijuana for me is my calm and my healing when it’s just too difficult to deal with the physical pain of those conditions. I have not been arrested for marijuana, done any other drugs not having to do with marijuana, and I have never committed any type of other crimes during my entire life. I don’t even have a record. I have held many jobs responsibly, and it has been known to soothe and comfort me ten times better than any over the counter Tylenol/Advil medications or the three prescribed drugs from the V.A. that I am supposed to take, which would have me drugged and drowsy out of my mind!

I am a very productive marijuana consumer and I have been known to create the most intricate and creative stories when it comes to my poetry and writing thanks to marijuana and it’s effects of opening my mind to more ideas and thoughts. I still effectively write entire books, run a non-profit dealing with mental health and I go about my day everyday in a normal and productive way. I oftentimes do not know how much worse I would be without it and how much pain I would endure on a daily that would halt all productivity on my end. My migraines can reach the highest level on a pain scale, leaving me balled up in a dark room from sensitivity to any noise or light. Everyone has different feelings about marijuana use and I respect everyone’s opinion about it. But what I can’t ever get past are politicians or anyone for that matter, such as Marco Rubio, putting an “addictive drug” stamp on marijuana and saying that it’s wrong when in his own words “has never tried it and never will.” If you’re going to state facts, there should be experience behind them; understanding and life. Not just what you feel and what you think according to some bullshit studies by the FDA, who really just want to keep making their BILLIONS selling and distributing ADDICTIVE prescription medications in America. By the way, I’m pretty sure their addiction and death toll is close to a MILLION according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

In conclusion, I’ll never understand what would make marijuana the “bad guy” here. The most bad it’s ever made me do was sit and eat an entire box of Cap’n Crunch, so I’m usually confused when discussions come up saying they “lead the way” to other hard substances such as cocaine, crack, or heroine. Those drugs don’t even compare to the benefits of marijuana and I feel if you do ever go down that route then you just already had some issues and addictions that pushed you there. As soon as I found out the news of being pregnant with my daughter ALL use stopped. I didn’t even have to think about it and I didn’t fiend for just a little “fix” like I would if I were involved in other drugs. I was able to just not buy anymore without a second thought. So the “addiction” studies often confuse me too. This could just be in my experience, but I’ve also never known anyone else to be around me scratching themselves and acting out of character just because they’re out of bud.

When it comes to consuming anything, even food, we have to make our choices accordingly. I am all for the legalization of marijuana and I stand behind the campaigns every single step of the way! Be sure to visit the links for more information and research for yourself or for others about marijuana. You don’t have to take my word for it, but I am praying that they come to some type of realization that not only is marijuana a medicinal herb but also that it really can’t be stopped or eliminated at this point in time. They can even smarten up and make a profit from it’s popularity and benefits or just stop arresting upstanding citizens for it and sometimes giving them more time for possession than they would a sex offender.

Thankfully, the last that I heard on the state of Alabama is that medicinal marijuana would indeed be legal. This seems to still come with many conditions that didn’t really excite me once I heard the news, I just look at it as a start. What’s going on in your state when it comes to the legalization of marijuana? What are some of their conditions? Knowledge is power and there is always power in knowledge!!

Changing Our Momentum One Crown at a Time”

-Robin Chappell

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