“Smile Pretty” By Robin Chappell

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

My lonely eyes watched him across the room
Waltzing right in, mouth full of beautiful white teeth
He set aside his coat and umbrella to kindly greet me
It really should be a sin to possess such a grin
One that melts me down to a runny slushy
So you can have your way with me even when you are guilty
Asking about your day is the only thing I muster to say
I meekly point to your chair as you inhale my completed dinner in the air
“Smells pretty good.” You speak the same words that I knew you would
I watch those teeth, those perfect teeth as they eagerly chomp down
Separating and creating sloppy smacking sounds
Savoring every flavor, sloshing it all around
You go on to describe your day after telling me the pasta tasted okay
I ate and listened intently, swallowing my sips of red wine gently
He disgusted me as he continued to chew more loudly
Inhaling enormously rude gulps of red wine like he was extremely thirsty
I swallowed the large lump of throw up forming in my throat
Annoyed at how he slurped his soup and where he tossed his coat
Vexed about how much of a mess he didn’t know he made me
How he tells me lie after lie as if I am stupid or crazy
He’s even gotten lazy at hiding it all
Barely deleting text messages…no longer screening his calls
“BECAUSE I SAW THEM ALL!” I loudly wailed into her beautiful terrified face
She attempted to convince me it isn’t what I think as her heart raced
He had to know what he created in me…how numb I was inside
So when I kidnapped his other lover named Jay and took her for a ride
When I watched the blood seeping slowly from the strong blow to her head
Seething from the loving words they’d texted…all the “I love you’s” they’d said
I felt absolutely no sympathy or remorse for her fake ass tears
It was amazing to be in charge and even better to be genuinely feared
So I watched him now even in this very moment sitting in front of me
Confidently eating my thousandth cooked meal with absolutely no worry
My neatly arched eyebrows raised as he finished only to say
“I really need to step away and call my assistant Jay.
He needed to tell me details on the meeting they held today.”
This is the trigger…this is the shit that I refused to stand
Him still attempting to make me believe that Jay was really a man
His words never make him flinch or take into consideration
The affect that he had on my sanity…the deterioration of my patience
I disdainfully eyed his athletic frame slowly slinking away from me
Picking food out of his pretty teeth, releasing a loud belch from his toned belly
The small phone in my pocket began to loudly ring
The ring back tone on the other end of his phone began buzzing
His ass still stood there waiting on her to pick up
Then slowly turning around since I’m sure hearing her new voicemail sucked
“Drew…if you’re hearing this I’m dead.
She knows all of the things we did and we said.
We must accept our fates and now it’s too late…we allowed Allison to be…mislead.”
His solid frame stood frozen in place as a satisfied smile crept across my face
His iPhone slowly dropped from his hand landing heavily by his feet
His breathing harshened as bullets of sweat formed all over his body
I could literally hear his thumping heartbeat
Slowly turning around he faced me in horror and shock, I loved it
This had to be the sweetest feeling ever felt and heaven was right above it
“What the hell did you do?” He asked cautiously, but he knew the answer to a certain degree
“This is a question you should be asking yourself…all that you do, the LIES that you tell-“
His muscular arms flew up in exasperation, the color was draining from his handsome face
His skin full of stressful perspiration. “WHERE IS SHE?” He had the nerve to scream
How the tables have turned after years of being underappreciated and demeaned
“Oh she’s here…” I stepped up close to his left ear. “Just like sex…you put her inside of you
All inside of your mouth. Since you literally had her for dinner now you can shit her out.”
When I stepped back and looked into his face you would think he turned into stone
He processed every single word I just stated…I saw it in his eyes as he weakly moaned
“Her nice and supple flesh created a very soft and flavorful noodle for the pasta tonight.”
I gushed with my hand to my chest as I reminisced on the most perfect meal I ever created
“I was so elated you loved swallowing the wine since her blood was pretty thick,
but no worries, I watered it down so it would be easy for you to swallow it.”
I brought my hand to my lips, kissing into the air like I was the greatest chef ever.
His face looked clammy and his eyes began to water like suddenly he had a terrible fever
He doubled over and projectile vomited the dinner I worked so hard to make
Crawling towards me on the floor like a little bitch
Begging me for his life he just knew I was about to take
More empty promises for him to make and break
“Please, Allison…I will make this all better…you don’t have to do this.
I learned my lesson and won’t tell anyone. Please just let me prove it!”
His wails were the most annoying sounds I had ever heard in my life
Didn’t he know there was NOTHING he could ever do to make this right?
At least Jay knew it, and as I happily chopped away at her beautiful head,
Creating the perfect meal for Drew, extracting her eyeballs for am addition to the salad
The sounds of her body going through the meat grinder
She knew should couldn’t have been blinder
She’d gotten more than she really bargained for
Consequences on top of a shot of allure
And was he even worth it?
I’m sure he wasn’t now
Not at this moment where she was being unassembled
Butchered up worse than a cow
My limit had been dangerously pushed past my point of return
Not only would they know, I had to make them learn
I didn’t want to hear how I was the monster in the end
I was the victim of delusion; a more than wicked game of pretend
Jay and I were both under a spell and melted down to nothing
Drowned beneath the fluorescent beams of a smile promising more than something
Then later leaving you numb
More numb than the Novocain I now had coursing through Drew’s veins
Not able to put up a fight, only lie there and hold me in his sights
As I happily pulled every single pretty tooth from it’s roots
To me it was a favor, showing him a little more kindness than I ever did for her
Every tug and every jerk gave me more life and released the pressure
The crunchy sounds of them separating from the gum was art
The perfection of me snipping out his tongue touched my heart
Because no longer could he lie and no longer could he deceive
I felt like more than a superhero even if no one else would ever know
We never truly know our potential until something massive makes it grow
I strutted into Jay’s dramatic vigil and community search as the most concerned citizen
Displaying empathy and hurt to her family with a clear and saddened vision
I expressed to her mother that I was an old friend
Letting time separate our bond once college came to an end
With tears in her eyes, she felt that she’d soon come back
I had to think of everything just to stifle a laugh
I told her anything is possible as long as we believe it
Leaving her with my condolences and a pan of my “special” recipe of pigs in a blanket

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