By Robin Chappell

Photo by travis blessing on Pexels.com

The waves of my spirit will soak up your senses

Lightly sprinkling my words knowing in you they’ll make a difference

Swimming through your solitary mind right before your drift to sleep

You can never be too shallow with me

My love runs too deep

As I am drizzling every sweet flavor of me all over you

Be sure to position your lips so they can take a sip from my cup so slowly

I will confidently tell you what to do

When the day comes out of the old and into the new I’ll soak your brain like morning dew

Even many oceans away I keep your anxious mind at bay

When it comes to your efforts your mist me

Whether it’s scattered showers or a thunderstorm, find your strength eternally

In my mind, all of our memories still creep

My love runs too deep

I watch you drown in small puddles of yourself

Your pride never allowing you to break surface to the air

When it freezes over and it unthaws slowly it will not be me that you seek

You don’t have enough to comfort me and in an eternal drought for you…

I will always be thirsty

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