“Warmed Cold Blood”

Robin Chappell

Photo by Steven Arenas on Pexels.com

That twinkle there in your eyes

I see my thirst for love

The inevitability of being addicted to you like a drug

Gazing fearlessly into your face tends to add a smile to mine

So I fearfully pull back

On my knees praying that God provides me an obvious sign

Venturing through this phase causes me to predictably go blind

The beginning is beautifully Shakespearean, only to end in tragedy

I swear I see a brighter future behind your dark eyes

My past pushes me to perceive nothing but lies

Feeling like I let you in too soon

You became the sunlight igniting the shadows of my moon

You discovered me after I became lost within the depths of my broken heart

We never comprehend where loneliness ends at its start

In my soul still lies decay after a dying storm

Laying heavy on my mind as it takes an unbearable form

It causes me to lash out once I feel an abundance of your calming vibes

I later constantly apologize, knowing you made me feel alive

Now as your strong hands intertwine with mine

I release a fleeting breath with my guard still manning the front line

It levels out and balances all of the hope you have built

I backtrack and jerk back from every small touch of yours that I feel

Is it wrong to struggle internally if I promised myself I’d live selfishly?

This timing…I ask myself is it really worth finding?

Yet, on this green earth I just so happened to find you

Please excuse my lack of confidence

Pardon my thorough examination of conciousness

Because I told myself the last time would be the final

And here I am…rolling my sleeves and lacing my boots for control

Another battle round against the new and the old

I am now in love with your soul

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