By Robin Chappell

Photo by Rahul on

There are mountains of it

This insatiable pride I mean

No matter how much time flies by

My mind just won’t get rid of you it seems

You keep showing up in my dreams

Honestly I can’t stand it

Logically my mental pushes you away

In my head our memories are still pounded

I wander around within a deep fog of the past

Swaying and belting out ballads of love songs

My sleep and my daydreams seem to clash

The broken off pieces of you make me angry

Why can’t this feeling just be dismissed?

Old roses remain watered by salted tears

A world brought back to life being reminiscent

I trace back through blind and immature years

Reflecting on how different we are

Yet our minds were painted in a similar frame

You carry around photos of a frozen heart

I’m too warm to see it before it melts away

So now I sit here

Left behind by you in a world I no longer know

It seems so simple

Yet it’s so hard

Finding the strength to let you go…

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