Robin Chappell’s Fight to Write

By Robin Chappell

14 September 2019

Greetings everyone and HAPPY SATURDAY!! If you’re reading this…YOU SURVIVED FRIDAY THE 13TH YESTERDAY! Congratulations. (-_-)Today, I definitely plan to enjoy the tradition of watching college football (WAR EAGLE!) and relaxing with those I love the most! I just really wanted to make a quick and important announcement about a few changes when it comes to what I do and how I plan to market everything. I at first had one YouTube channel I posted on for years called “The Vizzion”. I let EVERYTHING I was doing fall under it. It was beginning to feel exhausting and I was putting information centering around my nonprofit, Harmonious Grace, Inc., on “The Vizzion” in addition to discussing my newly released books, vlogs, Penelope Smart’s “Word of the Day, etc. It is now time for me to BRAND and become more serious about what I produce and how! My nonprofit centers on illiteracy, fundraising, and mental health support for sexual trauma victims, but I am an author of books centering around thrillers, dark myths, and erotica. So are you getting my point here? One exudes empathy, understanding, and supporting mental health…my books represent rebellion, entertainment, and losing your mind. I LOVE BOTH.

I will now be making these two totally separate entities in order to maximize their potential for growing promotions, revenue, and marketing. I needed to also separate them in regards to what type of speaking events I’m focusing on according to where someone contacted me, what they contact me about, and the type of book fairs I’ll be submitting my work. These two parts of me clashed majorly and I felt as if I could never gain piece of mind. As a true Gemini…it’s like trying to promote two totally different people speaking on opposite topics TOGETHER in one room! This website is specifically for my poetry, stories, and book announcements/promotions. I will also be discussing these topics on my newly created YouTube channel ROBIN CHAPPELL’S FIGHT TO WRITE!

I am so excited to present to you my experiences, tips, grammatical knowledge, and just straight talks centering around what publishing companies and techniques to avoid. We are all learning one day at a time and through experience, so I would first like to acknowledge that I know I am no expert yet, but when it comes to the business and marketing aspects of writing, many become lost on the best strategies and red flags when it comes to putting your work out there!

I love coaching others on displaying and baring their vulnerabilities when it comes to them writing their personal experiences and eliminating the self doubt that no one would read their work. If you’ve been procrastinating, running a book idea through your head for years, or taking forever to edit your work…PLEASE know that it’s a FACT you aren’t alone. I have been there and it took a lot for me to work up the courage to finally release my work WITH PRIDE! Writing a great book and having the fear of others reading it because of their perspective about you is the worst wall you can put up for yourself! Everyone isn’t the same and everyone is not going to have what it takes to complete a book and handle what comes after, so I promise to do my absolute best to at least put your mind at ease. I will provide as much knowledge and feedback to ensure you produce your work confidently and effectively!

“Work smart, not hard” still holds weight to this day and it’s what I center my entire life and writing career around. I LOVE LIFE and experiencing it to the fullest through traveling, reading, writing, spending time with my toddler, dating, and sharing special moments with my family. I would like to show others that it doesn’t take hundreds of sleepless nights, stress, starving yourself or jeopardizing your health to successfully achieve your goals and produce a book. In just less than two years I have produced two, in addition to nearly being done with my third AND fourth. Follow me on your journey to finally becoming the author you want to be and that I KNOW you can be!


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