“His Presence”

By Robin Chappell

Photo by Evonics on Pexels.com

Perching upon the edges of the world

Surveying all that is pertinent to his very being

Dark eyes always sharp and more alert than a lion

Guarding all that he loves even if to do it he must sin

Both glorified and crucified in the battles of time

With the strength of his character he strikes it all down

Carrying his weight and his pride higher than the skylines

Monetary gain and fame are not all that interests his heart

He hungrily seeks intellect and wisdom

He knows the burdens of life is the inescapable part

Cherishing the precious gems of existence

Honoring family and love in order to subside the worst of his fears

He looks forward because behind his broad shoulders is the resistance

Never changing his heart or the integrity of his commitments

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