“The Middle of Nowhere” By Robin Chappell

Photo by travis blessing on Pexels.com

It creeps upon me in the night

Cold and decrepit, yet I cannot overstep it’s charm

The prickly claws of the trees longingly reach out to me

Leaves and their dead ends crunch beneath the soles of my feet

I dare not heavily breathe lest I want it to hear me

Dragging me beyond the depths of what I know

Silently keeping it’s secrets I promised to never show

The wind cuts deep across my skin as I feel it grab me within

So euphoric it feels like a gift to me, so pleasurable it should be a sin

Cursed are those who know not who they are

What they make of themselves as they increasingly starve

And provide energy toward just to move forward

So I moved…inch by inch and step by step

To all that is solid and all that has left

It is true that I crave the risk like a drug

Void of all compassion and numb to pretty love

If I run I cannot fathom the regret

Or the butterflies I’d feel if I charge straight into it

They tell me the only way of doing is to do it

So here I go blindly into the unknown

As it invites me further into it’s embrace

I stare into the light of the moon, revealing my true face

And it pulls me closer…closer to where I need to be

To the part of myself that I lost before, everything good about me

But it’s just a cycle, the same path is always chosen

Fate is forever lost

Blinded by the pain

I bought into at every cost…

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