“Water Me Down” By Robin Chappell

Photo by James Wheeler on Pexels.com

Like soggy bread pinched between two fingers

An overbearing cologne that continues to linger

A Christmas tree not ornamented the entire way around

My substance is inevitable, you could never water me down

Worse than the flattest Coke on a summer day

Having a long conversation with no words to say

Why build a foundation on the weakest ground?

Or listen to music without a sound?

Why would I lower myself to make you feel higher bound?

My mind is the deepest ocean, it could never be watered down!

I cannot teach you happiness or the confidence you seek

I am not the entity to feed the ego you so desperately need

We possess the same hours in a day to both accomplish and achieve

Trickle your pools into rivers, pour your rivers into the sea

For we each are beyond amazing with ambition and ability

So refrain from putting me down when I proudly come around

As I hold my head to the sky without ever looking down

When you hear me loud, allow me room to be proud

If I speak intelligently, seek more of the knowledge you may need

When I overflow with joy after I consistently succeed

Don’t come around trying to save me

Even when I seem to drown

Live your life without judgement

Stop trying to water me down!

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