“The Art of My Love” By Robin Chappell

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

We can always silence the blasphemous

Paint a picture worth a thousand words that is only us

The colors could possibly blend and pair

Creating a beautiful mosaic delicately drying in the night air

Or it could merely become a muddy mess

Derived from the minds of the anxious and the stressed

I once thought I was at the least your yellow and green

Calm and happiness streaked across your proudest scenes

You let go of your paintbrush and said that it was done

I thought there would be millions of strokes, but there was only one

No definition was added to it and you quit before the greatest parts

Walking away out of frustration and boredom before you could even start

Can’t you see the many colors of many, although not always beautiful

They create the entire work of everything past physical

Maybe one day you’ll take the time to look a little more deeper

Unconditionally paint it again, even if it becomes uglier

Even when the colors are hard to fathom the more you execute

It could be the greatest of imperfections…but at least it will be the truth

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