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Prepare to be swept away into a unique collection of imaginative adult short stories expressed in poetic form. Told directly from the mind of an eccentric millennial poet, they are divided into five important chapters: Love, Rebellion, Heartache, Life, and Passion. Each contains five expressive stories and poems from the authors up-close and personal experiences filled with dramatic controversy, philosophy, and dreams untold. These intricate tales are certainly for reading aloud and beginning deeper conversations!

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This is a man’s world! What do you believe it would be without women or little girls? Welcome to Adamic! Where a man’s main focus is only his hustle and elevating his strength while being ruled by a heartless and womanizing king threatening harsh punishments and even death for those who defy his belief that women only complicate society. That was the only life Jesseph ever knew until smart, witty, and beautiful scientist and inventor Rona Morrison drops into his life from Earth; changing his entire world around for the better. Will he confidently risk it all? Leaving behind everything he ever knew for the love of a woman? Beautifully written from the creative imagination of a passionate poet, this science fiction style tale is poetically written and full of twists and turns will keep you on the edge of your seat anticipating what could be next for this unique couple’s future!