Robin’s Fight to Write Blogging Corner


Welcome to my personal blogging corner that I’d like to call “Robin’s Fight to Write”, which is also the name of my vlog on YouTube! So PLEASE subscribe and check it out the first chance that you get! Thank you to everyone that has already shown tremendous support by simply following my page for notifications about posts, as well as sharing! This has been a great journey and I have undoubtedly enjoyed writing intricate stories and poetry for you! Another talent and passion of mine happens to be blogging! Prior to this website, I wrote and published blogs to my website on I will now be writing all blogs here at ONLY!! So please be sure to tune in for daily updates and announcements, in addition to great blogs about my life through surviving trauma, relationships, motherhood, and everything interesting going on in the world! I will be moving the blogs published there in the past to this blogging website also.

This website will display everything my creative mind decides to publish and I look forward to the upcoming year and everything that I’ve been working towards finally manifesting itself into my life and creating many blessings. I ask that you please continue to read my work, spread the word, and be supportive of my art through independent and self publishing! Please also feel free to make any requests or comments regarding more of what you would like to read from me! There may be weeks at a time you don’t hear from me, but it is only because I am deep in my work and also have other goals and projects I am being fully attentive to, but I will ALWAYS return! My fans are my biggest critics and my greatest concern. I am always looking for constructive criticism that can enable me to become even more that what I already am!

I wish you all a blessed remaining week and weekend and hope that every upcoming project is enjoyable and inspiring for you as the first ones! My passion for writing is reflected through all that I do, so please feel free to also ask questions and I will be adding much many more ways for you all to get to know me better! Best wishes and much love!

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