“Queen” By Robin Chappell

Rise and shine Queen, the sun is ready for you, elated by all your glory.

The Earth bestowing more time upon you, intently listening to light of your story

Anxiously tasting the nectar of melanin, the sweetest morning honeydew

Dreams of perfection and moments in heaven where no man is ready for you

When you look to your reflection and bathe in your glow

Others wonder what is your secret—what could you profoundly know?

Which heels have you trudged the world’s ugliness through?

Before they broke down on you and your stiletto snapped in two

Rise and shine Queen! Your individuality is what awaits

Time to tame your wild tresses, and straighten your crown—give the whole world a taste

They savor the yellow warmth of your life’s joy and taste the sunsets unexpired

Others unmercifully stare when the lady in bold reds and blues ravishingly takes the room

A style which never expires nor is compromised by what society agrees

The change in you is envious but they never saw the nights you fell to your knees

No one was there when you defeated yourself or the tragic doubts many minds never bare

They didn’t know you rose with such courage—picked yourself up by your teeth

Beauty and grace so obvious, they’ll never find what lies beneath

Rise my Queen! They should know how unstoppable you can be

No mountains, or winds, anyone’s hand, no vast oceans or deep blue seas

Only you know all that you need and all that you need is you

Rise and shine my beautiful Queen! The sweetest morning honeydew


Photo by Prateek Katyal on Pexels.com

It’s all over your face

You love the way it tastes

Your favorite flavor to indulge in

So moist and rich it’s a decadent sin

Ensuring that you never waste one drop

Even if you could you would never stop

Smooth like milk and honey

Sweet and runny

Licking any traces from your fingertips

Then your fingers part my lips

Inviting me to taste a few of my sips

Flowing like nectar from a honey bee

An addiction always bringing you down to your knees

Most times you just face it

Other times you dive right in

Without it you get impatient

Demanding to know when you’ll have it again

It’s all over your face

You love the way it tastes…


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

By Robin Chappell

Can I feel you?

Not just the outer you

Every soulful thing that you do

I want to lay up against smooth black velvet

I never want my intentions to appear misconstrued

I find myself researching you every day

Keeping record of every moment

I put the art of your heart on display for all to see

So they can feel you

I will get on a higher level

Just to gain a better view

I have looked all around up and down

You’re the only one that I can relate to

There is no drop of doubt

I know just what I need

Listening to what your story is all about

As I make the decision to invade your precious space

I put a smile on you as I trace the lines of your face

A promise of everlasting care

At heart I will hold the best interests you seek

Charging on full speed ahead

We know what we feel and we know what we said

Leading your heart until I fill your head

“Hurts So Good”

Robin Chappell

Photo by John Rocha on Pexels.com

Across my glowing face spreads a smile of deep satisfaction

Hours crawling by and I am still possessing uncontrollable reactions

Vivid memories flash through my unsettling head

I clench my legs together reflecting on thoughts of you in my bed

My skin adorning discrete and small marks of unmerciful passion

I wear them proudly throughout my day as if they are a new fashion

Aches and pains. Whip lashes and neck strains

Secret reminders from you for just a few days will remain

And it all hurts so damn good with only a small price to pay

Constantly looking forward to the odds and ends of you in my day

Releasing sexual frustrations on to me during several occasions

So much passion and chemistry, others question our stares and relations

Once your strong hands get a grip on my body I always lose control

Obligingly, you cater to my fetish for pain

I beg of you to never take it easy on me or feel like you need refrain

Treat my body as if it is impossible to break

Screaming out your name like I’m insane

You’re heightening my pleasures as you always should

You give me what I want

You push me to my limits

I’m never too shy to admit it and how it HURTS SO GOOD!

Rose Petals

By Robin Chappell

Photo by luizclas on Pexels.com

I stare at you. You stare at me.

Leaning in towards each other slowly

I intuitively draw you into my mind

As your soft full lips finally meet mine

I feel tingling sensations traveling down my spine

The rest of the world is disappearing

I am growing more and more consumed in the comfort of your time

Lightly I suck in your bottom lip

Passion dripping thick as you do the same

The intertwining of your lips amazes me

Beautiful in every small way

Inviting the warmth and wetness of your tongue

Just begging for me to stay

Sweeter than honey dripped from scones

Your large hands all over my body begin to roam

Never knew moments as right as this could ever exist

We could go on like this forever if reality never through a plot twist

As we refrain you plant smaller kisses across my face

A look of satisfaction as you notice my pink lipstick has been erased

I finally welcomed you into my world willingly

Now I am elated with everything you’ve shown me

I stare at you. You stare at me


By Robin Chappell

Photo by travis blessing on Pexels.com

The waves of my spirit will soak up your senses

Lightly sprinkling my words knowing in you they’ll make a difference

Swimming through your solitary mind right before your drift to sleep

You can never be too shallow with me

My love runs too deep

As I am drizzling every sweet flavor of me all over you

Be sure to position your lips so they can take a sip from my cup so slowly

I will confidently tell you what to do

When the day comes out of the old and into the new I’ll soak your brain like morning dew

Even many oceans away I keep your anxious mind at bay

When it comes to your efforts your mist me

Whether it’s scattered showers or a thunderstorm, find your strength eternally

In my mind, all of our memories still creep

My love runs too deep

I watch you drown in small puddles of yourself

Your pride never allowing you to break surface to the air

When it freezes over and it unthaws slowly it will not be me that you seek

You don’t have enough to comfort me and in an eternal drought for you…

I will always be thirsty

“Warmed Cold Blood”

Robin Chappell

Photo by Steven Arenas on Pexels.com

That twinkle there in your eyes

I see my thirst for love

The inevitability of being addicted to you like a drug

Gazing fearlessly into your face tends to add a smile to mine

So I fearfully pull back

On my knees praying that God provides me an obvious sign

Venturing through this phase causes me to predictably go blind

The beginning is beautifully Shakespearean, only to end in tragedy

I swear I see a brighter future behind your dark eyes

My past pushes me to perceive nothing but lies

Feeling like I let you in too soon

You became the sunlight igniting the shadows of my moon

You discovered me after I became lost within the depths of my broken heart

We never comprehend where loneliness ends at its start

In my soul still lies decay after a dying storm

Laying heavy on my mind as it takes an unbearable form

It causes me to lash out once I feel an abundance of your calming vibes

I later constantly apologize, knowing you made me feel alive

Now as your strong hands intertwine with mine

I release a fleeting breath with my guard still manning the front line

It levels out and balances all of the hope you have built

I backtrack and jerk back from every small touch of yours that I feel

Is it wrong to struggle internally if I promised myself I’d live selfishly?

This timing…I ask myself is it really worth finding?

Yet, on this green earth I just so happened to find you

Please excuse my lack of confidence

Pardon my thorough examination of conciousness

Because I told myself the last time would be the final

And here I am…rolling my sleeves and lacing my boots for control

Another battle round against the new and the old

I am now in love with your soul

“Unselfish Esteem”

Robin Chappell

Photo by Engin Akyurt on Pexels.com

I witness the planting of a miracle in you

Watching the sun rise with every simple action that you do

Amazing visions of the future surface right through

It is true, I am mediocre at best when it comes to you

My attempts to change and grown are very futile

I’ve been watching the frail skeletons in my closet walk the green mile

Yet you sit here and stare at me as if I am your majesty

With uncompensated amazement and the patience of understanding

Perfection never comes close to finding me but you seem to disagree

Teaching me with your subtle determination that ability to finally agree