“Queen” By Robin Chappell

Rise and shine Queen, the sun is ready for you, elated by all your glory.

The Earth bestowing more time upon you, intently listening to light of your story

Anxiously tasting the nectar of melanin, the sweetest morning honeydew

Dreams of perfection and moments in heaven where no man is ready for you

When you look to your reflection and bathe in your glow

Others wonder what is your secret—what could you profoundly know?

Which heels have you trudged the world’s ugliness through?

Before they broke down on you and your stiletto snapped in two

Rise and shine Queen! Your individuality is what awaits

Time to tame your wild tresses, and straighten your crown—give the whole world a taste

They savor the yellow warmth of your life’s joy and taste the sunsets unexpired

Others unmercifully stare when the lady in bold reds and blues ravishingly takes the room

A style which never expires nor is compromised by what society agrees

The change in you is envious but they never saw the nights you fell to your knees

No one was there when you defeated yourself or the tragic doubts many minds never bare

They didn’t know you rose with such courage—picked yourself up by your teeth

Beauty and grace so obvious, they’ll never find what lies beneath

Rise my Queen! They should know how unstoppable you can be

No mountains, or winds, anyone’s hand, no vast oceans or deep blue seas

Only you know all that you need and all that you need is you

Rise and shine my beautiful Queen! The sweetest morning honeydew

“O” By Robin Chappell

Photo by Athena on Pexels.com

Take out the knives so you can see me better

The whispers linger on our lips

That one spoken letter has taken us through greater odds

As dark as the depths of the days I spoke naive confessions of “I love you”

“Oh” became so unacceptable, like a deep black hole

To watch those soft folds of your lips form it

Every time I told you that I needed to go

It’s as simple as 1,2,3, as well as a complex science which disagrees

Transitioning into the “Oh”‘s you made me scream before each time you put me sleep

Sloppy “Oh”s enveloped in a dewy lips of a pink rose

To the “Oh”‘s on my chest where you loved to rest your nose

I have no regrets, though I often lie in repose with your “oh”‘s for safer keeping

I’d adorn them on a chain around my brain if I could

Overrated thoughts, I think

Like the final “oh” you spoke when you walked away and never even blinked

“Like That”

By Robin Chappell

Photo by Jimmy Chan on Pexels.com

Telling me that you want me

Swearing I make you better now

A future of love and loyalty

You said you’d show me how

Building me up to this climax

Then telling me they weren’t facts

Now you pulled back and want to be friends again

I really don’t need a friend like that

Making me feel like I was all worth it

Like I’m every single thing that you need

You promised you would work through everything

The good, the bad, even the unsettling

Once you needed me to be there

Be supportive and have your back

Suddenly there’s nothing but excuses

I feel pretty useless

I really don’t need a friend like that

I’m supposed to be calm about it

I can’t be upset just because you don’t want it

Be empathetic to your feelings only

It’s “fuck my feelings” to really be blunt

I have to move forward like it’s nothing

Like imagining you with another isn’t bad

When I was always willing to be there

For you I genuinely cared

I guess you never knew you had a friend like that

My heart and my mind has moved past it

At this point nobody else will do

Call me crazy, but you’re the one who brought me here

My mind will always be set on you

They say time heals all that’s considered sad

If you’re truly happy, I’d never deny you that

But don’t tell me to feel less

Don’t try and lead me to square one and back

You’re not being kind

I feel you’ve lost your mind

You know I cannot be your friend like that

Robin Chappell’s Fight to Write

By Robin Chappell

14 September 2019

Greetings everyone and HAPPY SATURDAY!! If you’re reading this…YOU SURVIVED FRIDAY THE 13TH YESTERDAY! Congratulations. (-_-)Today, I definitely plan to enjoy the tradition of watching college football (WAR EAGLE!) and relaxing with those I love the most! I just really wanted to make a quick and important announcement about a few changes when it comes to what I do and how I plan to market everything. I at first had one YouTube channel I posted on for years called “The Vizzion”. I let EVERYTHING I was doing fall under it. It was beginning to feel exhausting and I was putting information centering around my nonprofit, Harmonious Grace, Inc., on “The Vizzion” in addition to discussing my newly released books, vlogs, Penelope Smart’s “Word of the Day, etc. It is now time for me to BRAND and become more serious about what I produce and how! My nonprofit centers on illiteracy, fundraising, and mental health support for sexual trauma victims, but I am an author of books centering around thrillers, dark myths, and erotica. So are you getting my point here? One exudes empathy, understanding, and supporting mental health…my books represent rebellion, entertainment, and losing your mind. I LOVE BOTH.

I will now be making these two totally separate entities in order to maximize their potential for growing promotions, revenue, and marketing. I needed to also separate them in regards to what type of speaking events I’m focusing on according to where someone contacted me, what they contact me about, and the type of book fairs I’ll be submitting my work. These two parts of me clashed majorly and I felt as if I could never gain piece of mind. As a true Gemini…it’s like trying to promote two totally different people speaking on opposite topics TOGETHER in one room! This website is specifically for my poetry, stories, and book announcements/promotions. I will also be discussing these topics on my newly created YouTube channel ROBIN CHAPPELL’S FIGHT TO WRITE!

I am so excited to present to you my experiences, tips, grammatical knowledge, and just straight talks centering around what publishing companies and techniques to avoid. We are all learning one day at a time and through experience, so I would first like to acknowledge that I know I am no expert yet, but when it comes to the business and marketing aspects of writing, many become lost on the best strategies and red flags when it comes to putting your work out there!

I love coaching others on displaying and baring their vulnerabilities when it comes to them writing their personal experiences and eliminating the self doubt that no one would read their work. If you’ve been procrastinating, running a book idea through your head for years, or taking forever to edit your work…PLEASE know that it’s a FACT you aren’t alone. I have been there and it took a lot for me to work up the courage to finally release my work WITH PRIDE! Writing a great book and having the fear of others reading it because of their perspective about you is the worst wall you can put up for yourself! Everyone isn’t the same and everyone is not going to have what it takes to complete a book and handle what comes after, so I promise to do my absolute best to at least put your mind at ease. I will provide as much knowledge and feedback to ensure you produce your work confidently and effectively!

“Work smart, not hard” still holds weight to this day and it’s what I center my entire life and writing career around. I LOVE LIFE and experiencing it to the fullest through traveling, reading, writing, spending time with my toddler, dating, and sharing special moments with my family. I would like to show others that it doesn’t take hundreds of sleepless nights, stress, starving yourself or jeopardizing your health to successfully achieve your goals and produce a book. In just less than two years I have produced two, in addition to nearly being done with my third AND fourth. Follow me on your journey to finally becoming the author you want to be and that I KNOW you can be!



Surround Yourself With Greatness

Robin Chappell

Wednesday, July 23, 2019

Photo by Frank Cone on Pexels.com

“Mediocrity will never do. You are capable of something better.”

Gordon B. Hinckley

I once had a coworker that always came to me and told me inspiring things according to his experiences and his knowledge surrounding certain situations. He was one of those older religious types that loved to drop what he called “Golden Nuggets” on others for their troubles. For those who feel a little uninspired.

He came to tell me the story about “The Eagle and the Chickens”. I’m not sure how the entire thing went and may be missing some parts but this is pretty close to how he told it….

There once was a farmer. He owned a vast field of farmland; complete with horses, cows, sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, and crops of all kinds. One day as he ventured out, he stumbled across a baby eagle that had fallen from it’s nest, injuring it’s wing. Once the farmer looked around for it’s home and it’s mother he was unsuccessful. So he decided to take the eagle back with him and give it a home along with his other animals. Placing the baby eagle inside of the cage with his chickens, they thought nothing of it and often ignored the baby eagle while just pecking away at their food and going about their every day lives with the same routine. The eagle eventually grew, becoming stronger and handsome around the other chickens. He eventually inherited their lifestyle…acting as if he were a chicken, clucking like a chicken, even eating like a chicken. One day another farmer came by to purchase some stock and saw the eagle pecking and clucking around the cage like a chicken and pulls him to the side. “Hey, did you know you have an actual EAGLE inside of the cage with your chickens??” He asked him wide eyed and watching the eagle keep his head down and search for feed with the rest of them. “Yeah, I found him out back with a broken wing and ever since then, he’s thought he was a chicken too.” The guy shook his head. “You can’t do that to an eagle. He’s an eagle. He belongs in the skies.” The farmer just laughed and shook his head. “The skies??!! That eagle thinks he’s a chicken. There’s no way you’re going to get him to think differently. He’s been that way his entire life.” The man stepped forward, pulling out his wallet. “I’ll take him too then and I guarantee you that I can get him to be an eagle.” He stated confidently. The farmer chuckled once again. “You’re wasting your time. He was raised as a chicken…he’s a chicken.” The man sadly looked at the eagle. “Well that’s what he’s going to think if he’s never been shown any different. Have you even tried to get him to fly off?” The farmer handed him the eagle in a cage and dusted his hands. “Nope…and I’m pretty sure you won’t either…he’s always going to think he is a chicken.

The man left with the eagle and went straight to work. “Alright now fella, you’re an eagle and goddamn it…you have to show them you’re an eagle.” For a week or so the man was unsuccessful. The eagle just blankly pecked around his yard making clucking sounds and never even attempting to spread his wings although the man never caged him. He was in the same spot for feeding like clockwork every day. The man sighed and decided to take the eagle up to a tree top. The eagle still looked around not knowing what the point was and never took off, even as the man gave him a push, he only lightly spread his wings to sail back to the ground, land safely, and keep clucking away. He did this for days with no change, so carrying the eagle to the roof of his barn, he gave it another shot. The eagle still just sailed back to the ground, clucking around like a chicken. He soon had to return to the farmer for more supplies and he questioned his progress just as he knew he would. “Your old chicken become an eagle yet?” He laughed so hard at his question it caused him to cough and sputter tobacco from his mouth. The man held his head high, “We’re getting there. It will just take some time.” He stated. “Well take all the time you want.” He walked off leaving the man in frustration.

He worked even harder the next few weeks. He took the eagle out everyday to get him to fly and realize that he wasn’t a chicken but he just wouldn’t see it and continued to cluck around like the chicken that he thought he was. The man decided to give up and felt the farmer may be right. Maybe he really would always believe he was a chicken on the inside. He sadly gave up and said he’d let the eagle just live out his days on the ground and tell the farmer he was right. As he watched the eagle cluck around he shook his head and looked into the sky. A huge smile spread across his face and he excitedly woke up the next morning and drove the eagle into the mountains where he knew a few other eagles nested. The eagle clucked around for a moment until he looked out towards the horizon to see a few other eagles as beautiful as he soaring high in the sky. Happily screeching and dipping around and through the mountains majestically. He was amazed and had never seen anything like it. Slowly inching towards the edge he stared and cried out to the them like an actual eagle; growing excited when they cried back. He looked back at the man a final time in appreciation, understanding his determination and his reasoning. The man nodded as the eagle spread his wings wide and took off with the others, never clucking around with his head to the ground another day.

I’m pretty sure you get the moral of the story. The eagle thought he was a chicken because that is all he has known his entire life. They always say “if it walks like a duck, acts like a duck, thinks it’s a duck…it’s a duck.” In this case, the eagle was a chicken because he believed he was a chicken and began behaving exactly as he saw fit. The farmer never tried to convince him otherwise either and even promoted the idea that if he felt like he was a gravity bound chicken, then so be it. The eagle never had the opportunity of meeting others like him to know how amazing he could be. He succumbed to his surroundings until someone else came along and made him realize his potential by placing him with those possessing his same potential.

The same goes for us as human beings living day to day. We all have the same 24 hours in our day to do something productive and actually be someone, but we have to first see the potential in ourselves. The possibility that we actually can achieve greater and soar higher if we just believe it and surround ourselves with like minded people. Never make the mistake of becoming comfortable and accepting what the world thinks you are worth! You’ll never know until you try.

Changing Our Momentum One Crown at a Time.” -Robin Chappell